Exit management

Storing furniture you no longer need

For all facility managers or business owners who are anxious to manage the furniture of their company, the question of what to do with furniture they no longer need or that no longer fits the current look of the company, is crucial.

There are not many alternatives:

  • store the pieces somewhere (basement, attic, warehouse or parking) and thus immobilize – and pay – precious square metres to cram, cupboards and offices for months on end, to find that eventually they have become obsolete and must still be dealt with;
  • organize a sale to the staff, hoping to recover a few euros, while having to manage the terms of this sale;
  • send furniture to destruction: an easy solution, certainly, but not respectful of the environment and always very costly.

Our solutions propose to safeguard the environment and to promote the supply of equipment at reasonable prices to developing companies in emerging countries.

Mozer has partnered with a company specialised in exit management. They buy furniture that is still in good condition and, after repackaging and repairing it, forward it to third-world countries.

This is done with a citizen approach, which cumulates aid to developing countries with the correct management of the material resources of your company.