Archive management

Let Mozer take care of the management of your archives

A company move is the perfect opportunity to sort, discard and archive all of its documents. This requires a lot of place, which you may not have. You will need to outsource the management of your archives to a specialist, such as Mozer.

We support you in the management of the archives of your company. We know archive management represents a significant cost, both because of the required storage area and because of the staff needed to complete this task. We therefore offer an impeccable service in managing archive documents.

3 archive management services

Efficiency, professionalism, monitoring, speed, time and space saving... With our expertise, you benefit from many advantages. We want to satisfy all your needs, which is why we offer 3 levels of services:

  • basic service: physical storage of archives in our adapted warehouses;
  • intermediate service: on-site support, archive management, reorganization and destruction;
  • specific service: confidential and secure archiving, on-site consultation, fast delivery, movement tracking...

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