Infrastructure at the crossroads of European logistics.

Located in Brussels and Liège, the two sites of the Mozer company are at the heart of European logistics.


 10, rue de l’Abbaye
     B-4040 Herstal
 04 246 41 41


 3, Theodoor Swartsstraat
     B-3070 kortenberg
 02 752 51 51


 690, Boomsesteenweg
     B-2610 Wilrijk
 03 440 51 51

With 12.000m2 of storage space in Kortenberg and 2500 m2 in Herstal, Mozer's main asset is its proximity to the main air transport services.

Our services extend to all of Europe through TENESO, the European leader in high-tech transport and logistics services, for which Mozer provides services in Belgium and Luxembourg.