From 1945 to today

Built on almost 70 years of experience, the moving company Mozer has become a major player in the market for removals and the transport of fragile equipment. These two activities are at the heart of our profession.

Our rich history allows you to count on us today as a loyal and motivated removals company. We have more than 100 staff members and a fleet of approximately 50 vehicles.

A quick guide to our history and the key dates for our company:

1945 :Foundation of the family company, specialising in removals for individuals as well as the relocation of furniture.

1954 : Dimitri Mozer Sr and his son Boris Mozer join the family company.

1960 : The first journeys abroad and to Eastern Europe are performed with the successful transportation of fragile materials for General Electrics.

1975 :Takeover of the company Ista Maréchal, based in Liège and Brussels.

1976 : Takeover of the company Dessaraux. At this point, the company consisted of approximately ten employees and a fleet of five trucks.

1977 : Arrival of the third generation in the company with Dimitri Mozer Jr, now the Managing Director of the group.

1978 : Takeover of the moving company Nyckees.

1980 : Repurchase of the company Frisée-Lekeu.

1983 : Establishment of the Brussels office.

1987 : Opening of new offices and a furniture warehouse in the industrial park in Alleur.

1997 : Relocation of the Nossegem office to the Zaventem airport (Brucargo).

2004 : Takeover of the moving company Anthonissen (Antwerp).

2006 : Expansion of the Alleur warehouses.

2008 : Expansion of the Brucargo infrastructure. The surface area was increased from 2,000 m² to 7,500 m².

2010 : Mozer acquires shares in the capital of the company TENESO Euope SE, allowing the group to develop into high-tech transport.

2012 : The company moved its infrastructure from Brucargo to Kortenberg.

The goal? To extend the storage surface. This year also marks the arrival of the fourth generation at the head of the Mozer group, namely Olivier Mozer. The Mozer Technologies entity was also created in 2012. It is exclusively dedicated to the transport and installation of fragile equipment in order to distinguish between the two main activities of the Mozer group, i.e. the relocation activities of companies on the one hand and the transport and installation of fragile equipment on the other hand.

In short, a history with many chapters and a company that continues to grow. To be continued...